Mir Telecom becomes Associate Member of GSM Association

Mir Telecom Limited, the first International Gateway Operator of the country, has become an Associate Member of GSM Association with effect from January 2012. Mir Telecom is the first non-mobile Bangladeshi business organization as well as the 1st International Gateway Operator to become the associate member of GSM Association. This membership will provide the opportunity to stay close with over 700 of the world's mobile operators, device vendors, equipment manufacturers and leading financial and consultancy firms. With over 5 million individual data points – updated daily – Mir Telecom will have the coverage of the performance of all 940 operators and 700 MVNOs across 2,200 networks, 55 groups and 225 countries worldwide. It will facilitate Mir with exposure on latest policies and guidelines set by the GSM Association. Mir Telecom believes that this membership will help immensely in enabling nonresident Bangladeshis all around the world to remain in touch in with their near and dear ones back home and contribute significantly in increasing foreign currency inflow through bringing more international incoming call volume to Bangladesh.

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Phone: +88029354812, +88029354821, +88029344479
Fax: +88029354793
Email: info@mirtelecom-bd.com
Adress: Red Crescent Borak Tower (Level-7),
71-72 Old Elephant Road, Eskaton Garden,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh